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# 23 or 24 ? posted on 12/13/2007

The Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant, is one of the best plays in the NBA. Ever since his debut he has broken record after record for the Lakers and that’s when people started comparing him to one of the NBAs best of all time, #23 Michael Air Jordan from the Chicago Bulls. This is an honor. MJ was the best of his time and their will never be any other player just as good as him...... until Kobe Bryant. For example, #23 has championship rings but so does #24. #23 was the team leader but so is #24.  #23 won a dunk championship but so did #24. Except for Gilbert Arenas in the Washington Wizards, Kobe Bryant is the only player who can be compared to the greatest of all time and after scoring 81 points in a single game he proved that kobe, 24 is that much better then jordan, 23. People might not agree that Kobe is better the Jordan but if you ever watch a basketball game today you wont see MJ ballen up the court, you’ll see Kobe Bryant taking care of what he does best and that is taking over his team to the next level until he will win another ring and eventually he will have more rings the #23 the 2nd greatest player of all time.

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shaq attack posted on 12/13/2007
What is up with Shaquille O'neal this sesaon? In his early days with the Orland Magic he was the power house of the NBA. In the prime of his career he was a 3 time world champion with the Los Angeles Lakers. With the Miami heat, after winning 1 ring Shaq is slowly but surely becoming one of the NBA's oldest prospect. With so many new talent coming into the league with the likes of Andrew Bynum and Amare Stoudemire, the big man in the paint Shaquille O'neal is making his unfortunate decline.

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